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hiya world April 22, 2009

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so in the spirit of it being earth day & all,  i’ve decided that i need to work on being more “green.”  with the weather finally getting nicer, i can start riding my bike to work (mind you, on day’s when i have to be at the bakery at 5:30, i may require more self-discipline to get my rump out of bed early so i have time to bike to work).  also, it’s about time i tackled the ginormous piles of paper that i’ve been cleaverly hiding around the corners of my room & recycle most of it.  i also need to remember to keep my reuseables bags on hand when going to the store.  btw people, please don’t buy up all those “reuseable bags” at walmart, target, and most grocery stores.  they’re all made out of polypropoline, a non-renewable resource.  instead go for canvas bags or chico bags.  not meaning to be preachy, i was just raised in a house of tree-huggers.

anyway…in the crafting world, i’ve finished my hat plus another, i’m halfway through my frist sock, finished my first knit-lengthwise scarf (ruffled even!).  i’ve got another hat in the works, and i’m making progress on my fishnet scarf.

i have a new job as a baker at a vegen/vegetarian coffeehouse & bakery.  i’m loving it.  it’s amazing how rich the baked goods are even without butter & cream.  sooooooo goooood.

bye for now ❤


and then again… February 27, 2009

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so yeah, updating more often didn’t turn out quite like i’d hoped.  a lot has happened over the past few months…i’ll just leave it at that.

anyhoo…i’ve now officially gotten the top of my quilt put together, added some tangerine in there!  i finished my first scarf that’s been purchased!  my coworker liz loved the yarn i was using so much, she had to have the scarf!  huzzah!!!  i’m about 3-3.5 ft into the dr. who scarf.  i’ve started my first pair of socks and also a hat.  like i’ve said, i have a LOT of unfinished projects.  my goal is to get them done this year.  i’m going to TRY not to start too many more right now…and then again, this is ME we’re talking about and i love starting projects…it’s the finishing i have trouble with 😛

i’m home sick with the flu today, so i’ve gotten a lot done on elizabeth’s yellow submarine scarf.  i’m hoping to get it to her before she moves this spring.

i hope everyone’s having a good year so far and it continues to be fun.

see you all soon ❤


projects! December 12, 2008

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so i’m back!  i’ve started some new projects and finally getting around to working on some old ones.

i’ve taken on the daunting task of knitting a s12 tom baker dr. who scarf.  this sucker will be about 13.5′ after completion.  if you’re interesting in making one too, i got the pattern from http://www.doctorwhoscarf.comdr. who yarn i’m using hobby lobby’s acrylic i love this yarn! to make the scarf, that way it’s washable.  with it being so long, it’s bound to drag in the dirt at some point.

i spend my sunday afternoons are crazy girl yarn shop in coraville.  we’ve have an ever-expanding group of knitter that meets there every week at noon.  not everyone’s there every time, but we’re getting to know each other pretty well.   i even met a woman who’s a shiatsu massage student and i’ve become one of her clients now.  caitrin is FABULOUS!

dale from knit group has finally finished his first scarf and has continued onto another.  he deconstructed a sweater from goodwill, dyed the yarn with rit dye and is now making an awesome cabled monstrocity!dale

crazy girlcrazy girl yarn shop

and then this week, mom helped me get the squares for my quilt put together and i layed them out tonight.  i’m super excited.  and just by chance, i layed them out on mom & dad’s bed with the orange comforter and LOVED it, so i’ve decided to put an orange border around the outside.  common threads quilt shop is having an open house this weekend, so i’m going to go find a good tangerine fabric.

quilt squaresi can’t wait til it’s finished!!!

see you soon 😀


update November 23, 2008

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so my schedule’s been busier than i originally thought.  it’s looking like i’ll just be posting when i can.  i haven’t had much time to work on projects, so i don’t have any to post this time.  more to come.  stay tuned.


welcome to my world November 8, 2008

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hi, i’m kit.  i’m a 26 yr old geeky little midwest girl who loves crafts.  i do scrapbooking, mixed media/altered art, knitting, and soon crocheting & spinning.  i’ve created this blog with the idea of sharing my projects & ideas.  i hope you like it & please leave comments/suggestions of things you like on here or things you’d like to see.

i recently won a $100 drawing at my local yarn shop.  i almost squealed on the phone i was so excited.  i never win things…never.  crazy girl yarn shop ( in coralville, iowa has what they call “the body builder program.”  if you bring in a new knitter, you get your name put into a drawing for $100 shopping spree and the new knitter gets a free knitting lesson.  i’m part of a sunday knitting group, so i happened to have recruited 3 of my friends and brought them in this past month.  so now, i not only have 3 more friends that are knitters, but i’ve got quite a stash built up.


i have so many projects started, i’ve lost count.  last time i checked i had 4-5 scarves & a hoodie in the works.  i know i know, but it’s just how i am.  i get super excited about a new one that i forget about the old ones!  ah well, such is life.  here are some of my projects in the works & one i’ve finished:


zig zag scarf

zig zag scarf


yellow submarine scarf

yellow submarine scarf


first cabled scarf

first cabled scarf


my scarf

my scarf

like i said, i have a lot of scarves…

if anyone is good at designing patterns or can find a beatles blue meanie  pattern, let me know.  i’d like to knit one in on the yellow submarine scarf.  it’s going to be a present for my coworker liz, she’s a HUGE beatles fanatic.

so yeah, that’s a start i guess.  thanks for reading and hope to see you again soon.  i hope to post 1-2 times a week.