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hiya world April 22, 2009

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so in the spirit of it being earth day & all,  i’ve decided that i need to work on being more “green.”  with the weather finally getting nicer, i can start riding my bike to work (mind you, on day’s when i have to be at the bakery at 5:30, i may require more self-discipline to get my rump out of bed early so i have time to bike to work).  also, it’s about time i tackled the ginormous piles of paper that i’ve been cleaverly hiding around the corners of my room & recycle most of it.  i also need to remember to keep my reuseables bags on hand when going to the store.  btw people, please don’t buy up all those “reuseable bags” at walmart, target, and most grocery stores.  they’re all made out of polypropoline, a non-renewable resource.  instead go for canvas bags or chico bags.  not meaning to be preachy, i was just raised in a house of tree-huggers.

anyway…in the crafting world, i’ve finished my hat plus another, i’m halfway through my frist sock, finished my first knit-lengthwise scarf (ruffled even!).  i’ve got another hat in the works, and i’m making progress on my fishnet scarf.

i have a new job as a baker at a vegen/vegetarian coffeehouse & bakery.  i’m loving it.  it’s amazing how rich the baked goods are even without butter & cream.  sooooooo goooood.

bye for now ❤


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